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The Build

New Field Farm at Timber Ridge is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. A title that we worked hard for and hold with pride. When we first came to the property the views were gorgeous but... the buildings weren't quite what they are now. From The Barn to The Farmhouse, this page with give you a sneak peek of the changes we have seen since we started restoring the property in 2020.  

The views around the property of the Blue Ridge Mountains were always gorgeous. We loved the dusky views and the harsh sunlight of the mountains throughout the day. The land was and is to this day, beautiful. It is currently being farmed. The previous owners, the Kinnear family, used the land for farming as well as for raising cattle and chickens on the property. When we first arrived, cows were still walking around the lower section of the barn. We later removed a chicken coup from the granary. The property still has meadows scattered through out with wild flowers. This alludes back to when the farm was called the "Briar Patch" after roses and other flowers were left to overrun the property. You can read more about that in our history.  

The barn on the other hand, was .... falling apart. The barn has stood alone for almost 50 years with just cattle rooming the feeding troughs underneath, which is an honest testament of the original builders.


As mentioned some beams from the original log cabin were used to construct the barn. The barn was built with wood from the property, which was a tradition of craftsmanship that we wanted to continue with the contruction of the barn.

Additionally, we wanted to expand outwards to accomodate more people into the venue.

The time that it took to complete the barn construction really depends on who you ask. If you ask Brett, he would say, "About two year, but with planning four." If you ask another member of the family, like Autumn, she would say, "Six, but still working on it." Autumn was in charge of the making final design and color options for the main level and the rooms on the lower level.

You can read more about her contributions in our blog.

The Interior

The interior is where the original barn is now preserved. From inside you can see the original structure incased by the new structure. The original structure can be easily spotted by the darkness of the old wood in comparison to the lighter wood used for the extensions.


In the older portion of the barn you can also see original tools and artifacts found on the property hung up through the barn. Reusing the small details add to the charm of our venue. 


We enjoyed finding ways to reuse the wood so much, that we even created a roll away barn from one of the old doors. This is featured in the two photos on the right.

To the left is a photo of one of the extended areas. Here you can better see the new flooring that was laid over top the original floors of the barn. You can also better see the lighter wood that was used in the newer areas. 

When going through the design process, we wanted to allow for as much natural light as possible. Here you can see the larger windows that allow the light in and allow us to see the surrounding views. 

As mentioned, the original barn can be see throughout the current event space. We also mentioned the cows that would feed under the original barn. In the photo to the right, you can still see the original flooring from below. This is what all those would see when they ate!

Also featured in the picture, is a support beam that was added to ensure the building would last for another hundred years. We fully embrace them and they are now painted black! This photo was taken during construction so the light features have also changed. 

To see more detailed pictures of the barn now that it is finished, go check out our blog for further insight from Autumn about the design choices she made!

Tour with Us!

We offer everyone a free tour of our farm. Y'all are welcome to come and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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