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Our Family


The Barraclough Family

Donna Barraclough grew up on a farm in New Jersey. Over the years, Brett Barraclough always said that he was going to put his farm girl “back on a farm.” The New Field Farm at Timber Ridge is his way of fulfilling his promise. 

After his retirement from 30 years in the U.S. military, Brett and Donna purchased the property that would become this venue. They walked around the ridge and really felt connected with the land and the over 100 years of history. They wanted to tell that story and invite others to become a part of the history.

Over the years, Brett has worked with each of his children - Amber, Levi, Aaron and Autumn - on the farm to help fix up the property and prepare it for events. Donna has also enjoyed many quiet evenings gardening around the farmhouse. The property has only become more beautiful and we look forward to seeing what it will continue to become as we restore this historical farm.

Our Children

Everyone in our family is important and we love them! These pictures are from Aaron and Jennie's wedding in July 2021. We like to refer to our daughters, Amber and Autumn as our bookends as they are the eldest and youngest. Our sons are in the middle and have grown up to be upstanding gentlemen.


Ben & Amber


Ben & Amber Ansted

As our eldest and mother of two boys, Amber effectively runs both a bed and breakfast in town as well as the event venue you are currently viewing! She has years of experience in customer service and looks forward to continuing to see the family business grow.

Her husband, Ben, is a very talented woodworking craftsman who prepares special gifts for all clients who book with the venue.

Aaron & Jennie Barraclough

Aaron is a 2020 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He is now in the Navy, working on submarines as a Nuclear Engineer! He loves it! Obviously, this limits what he can do for us right now, but when he's in town you'll find him somewhere on the farm either working machinery or flying his drone. 

His wife, Jennie, is an Army nurse who has recently returned from deployment to Kuwait. We are so happy that she is back!

Aaron & Jennie

Amanda & Levi

Autumn Barraclough

As a student at Brigham Young University - Hawaii, Autumn is studying English and Information Technology for her double major! She is looking forward to her graduation this upcoming Spring as she helps with the family business from a distance. She responds to emails and sends out the Newsletter - that you can subscribe to!

Amanda & Levi Barraclough

Levi contributed heavily to get both the downtown bed and breakfast and farm property to be the stunning properties that you see now. He now focuses his time towards UX/UI and graphic design work and has created logos and fonts for our business!

Amanda is a certified event manager and spearheaded the event side of the venue as the project was starting. She has transitioned to managing events from her home based in Florida.

Our History

The story of our event venue doesn't begin with us. It has a history that stretches over a hundred years and starts with the Kinnear Family. Check out our History page to learn more!

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